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Our factory is located in the province of Chachoengsao, 35 km. east of Bangkok, Thailand. We have dedicated our efforts to the production of the best quality Jasmine Rice for almost two decades.
On our 12 acres facility, we offer the most advanced manufacturing process to ensure high levels of production, starting from careful selection of raw materials, methods of production, packaging, and
international shipping to our customers worldwide. High technology is incorporated in every step of the process from production to logistics.

We have expanded our main office to Sathorn, located in downtown Bangkok. Here, we have a dedicated professional sales and marketing team carefully trained to ensure good service and efficiency. Thai Lee has adopted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), an intergrated software
application, to process our sales and keep track of orders.


Our production process starts from sourcing good quality rice from millers. We sample the rice from every truck-load that enters our factory. Samples are sent to our lab to test purity, moisture, whiteness, broken percentage, and cooked texture to ensure that the rice meets our expectations.

In our storage process, we take different actions depending on the type of rice. Our White Rice is kept in a storehouse to ensure high capacity, good air circulation, and cool temperature. These qualities help preserve
the quality of our rice.

Our Jasmine Rice is stored in a temperature control silo where the temperature is kept at below 20 c. This new technology helps prevent weight and quality losses caused by insects and imbalanced moisture, replaces the needs for chemical protective measures, and preserves the fragrance, softness, and whiteness of our the rice.

When orders come in, rice is then moved from storage to the production process. First, rice is decontaminated to remove impurities such as weed, rocks, and paddy rice. Next, it is polished to ensure the uniform shining appearance in our rice. Then, the polished rice is sifted to remove the broken grains. Afterwards, it is passed through an advanced laser-coloring sorter that grades the rice seed by seed. This machine separates the irregular-colored grains from the rest to assure that
our rice is ready for packaging.

At the packaging stage, automated machines are used to pack the rice to avoid human contact. Once the rice is packaged, they are now ready to be shipped to their destination.

To respond to high demands of Thai Rice, we have diversified our product lines and increased our production capacity per year:

  • Long Grain White Rice and Parboiled Rice- 200,000 metric tons.
  • Jasmine Rice (Thai Hom Mali Rice)- 100,000 metric tons.
  • Broken Rice: A1 Super and A1 Super Special 20,000 metric tons.

Beyond concentrated quality control in every production step, we also ensure good logistics by enhancing loading capacity of:

  • Container load-up to 10,000 conts. Per year
  • Conventional load (ship-load)- up to 30,000 metric tons per month
  • Break bulk

Apart from providing quality and varieties of products, we concentrate on inventory management. To ensure our commitment to
our customers during periods of short supply, we maintain a higher inventory:

  • Long Grain White Rice: minimum stock ~ 20,000 metric tons
  • Jasmine Rice (Thai Hom Mali Rice): minimum stock 10,000 metric tons
  • Broken Rice: minimum stock ~5,000 tons

Therefore, we can guarantee to our customers that we have the inventory
for all confirmed contracts with the safety stock above and that all shipments
will be delivered on time in any circumstances.

Taken seriously as a business responsibility, premium quality in our products has been a significant ambition in the course of our operation. Therefore, we pay close attention to our production process, which includes expertised staffs, raw material selection, newly innovative machineries, advanced quality control, and stock control systems.

We have successfully acquired the Department of Thai Foreign Trade certification, CODEX, GMP, HACCP standard. Our customers can be assured that Thai Lee distributes good quality products consistently
in every bag.

Thai Lee places high importance on supplying premium quality products and maintaining high capacity to guarantee shipments to customers, while continuously improving ourselves to maximize customers’ satisfaction. Our reputable brands include Happy Buddha, Sunlee, SunBird, and Lucky Wings. We are proud
to offer you superior products with our commitment “Premium Products, Premium Factory”.


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