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Sunlee Brown Jasmine Rice

Thai Jasmine Rice 100%

This premium product is rich in dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus and manganese.

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Product Name
Brown Jasmine Rice
Packaging Size


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Product Name
Brown Jasmine Rice
Packaging Size


Item Code



Vacuum Packed


Thai Lee’s Jasmine Rice maintain at least a 96%
pure Jasmine Rice
to total weight.

which is higher than the industrial standard of 92% purity.

Customers’ Satisfaction
Taken seriously as a business responsibility, premium quality in our products has been a significant ambition in the course of our operation. Therefore, we pay close attention to our production process, which includes expertise staffs, raw material selection, newly innovative machineries, advanced quality control, and stock control systems.

Premium Products, Premium Factory
We have successfully acquired the Department of Thai Foreign Trade certification, CODEX, GMP, HACCP standard. Our customers can be assured that Thai Lee distributes good quality products consistently in every bag.

Professional Sales and Marketing Team Support
We have a dedicated professional sales and marketing team carefully trained to ensure good service and efficiency. We have also adopted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), an integrated software application, to process our sales and keep track of orders.