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Our Quality

The world’s leading rice factory & exporter of
premium quality Thai Jasmine rice.


Rice factory at Thai Lee Agriculture, we go to great lengths to ensure we select only the best quality Thai jasmine rice, Hom Mali rice across Thailand.

Sourced from some of the world’s best rice-growing areas, samples of the rice from every truck-load that enters our rice factory are sent to our lab to test for purity, moisture, whiteness, broken percentage, and cooked texture to ensure that the rice meets our expectations.

We also store our rice on-site in different ways, depending on the type of rice. Our premium Jasmine Rice (Thai Hom Mali) is stored in a temperature control silo where the temperature is maintained below 20 C at all times to prevent weight and quality losses caused by insects and imbalanced moisture. Controlling the temperature in this way also eliminates the need for using chemicals to protect the rice during storage and helps to preserve the natural fragrance, softness, and whiteness of the rice.


Once incoming rice has passed our stringent selection criteria, it is ready to begin the production process. Working with the latest technological innovations and equipment, our highly-trained staff oversee all aspects of the production process, from manufacturing to quality control and logistics.

In the final stage of the production process, all of the rice we produce passes through our quality control laboratory. Each batch undergoes a physical inspection, chemical testing, and cooking/tasting to ensure we deliver only the best quality products to our customers around the world. In addition to acquiring the Department of Thai Foreign Trade certification, we have also successfully passed the CODEX, GMP, and HACCP standards.


At Thai Lee Agriculture, we are continuously looking for new ways to improve our products and maximize customer satisfaction. Through every step of the production process, our rice factory places high importance on producing premium quality products. We also maintain a high capacity of stock to ensure we are able to fill all our customer’s orders in a timely manner.

As part of our ongoing expansion plans, we have relocated our main office to the Sathorn central business district in downtown Bangkok where we our fully trained and highly dedicated professional sales and marketing teams are ready to deliver on our promises of excellent customer service and efficient global delivery.

We deliver only the best quality products to
our customers around the world.