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Rice exporter Thailand Aims to Export Rice to the World Market Up to 7 – 7.5 Million Tons in 2022

Rice exporter Thailand aims to export 7-7.5 million tonnes of rice in 2022, an increase of about 6 million tonnes from 2021, driven by ample water supply and a weaker baht. This makes Thai grains more competitive. and the president of the Thai Rice Exporters Association said Adequate water supply and the depreciation of the baht Which averages at $33, is expected to support rice exports in 2022. The depreciation of the baht makes Thai rice export prices more competitive.

In 2021, Thailand will remain the world’s third-largest rice exporter after India and Vietnam. To raise Thailand’s ranking in the world rice export market The country urgently needs to accelerate the development of Thai rice varieties. Thailand has limited rice varieties to meet the needs of customers, especially white rice. Popular Thai rice has been popular and desired by consumers around the world.

Rice exporter Thailand Prepare for the growing demand for Thai rice after the pandemic

Demand for rice consumption tends to improve following the recovery of restaurant, hotel, and food manufacturing industries. As a result, exports will expand in line with the purchasing power of trading partners that gradually recover. In addition, the price of Thai rice is expected to decline in line with increased production. In addition, transport and logistics conditions are likely to recover more after the pandemic in 2020 – 2021.

In 2022-2024, what is the direction of the rice industry as a whole?

  • Rice production by farmers is projected to rise. from the climate circumstances and the improved water level in the dam, as well as government agriculture support initiatives

  • The revenue of the bagged rice business is likely to gradually increase. from the demand for consumption from the household sector restaurant business and tourism business that will improve after the pandemic subsides

  • The export volume of rice exporters Thailand is expected to continue to increase. from rice prices that tend to decline making it able to compete with trading partner countries better And the demand for rice from abroad will gradually recover. It is a contributing factor to the entrepreneur’s income tends to improve.

Thai rice is, popular rice among people around the world

Thai rice main dish It’s delicious to eat with anything. It also has many health benefits. It is popular with people all over the world. Thai rice is considered an economic crop that generates enormous income for Thailand. In addition to being sold in countries where rice is already a staple food, it also exports rice to many countries around the world. Thai rice, especially jasmine rice, ascends the throne. “The best rice in the world” and the export rate is the 3rd in the world as well.

Thai Lee is one of the world’s leading exporters of Thai rice.

Thai Lee is a rice exporter in Thailand who has gained a world-class reputation as one of the world’s leading rice exporters (Thai Hom Mali) with an export value of more than 2 billion baht per year. Thai Lee sells more than 100,000 tons of jasmine rice to more than 40 countries around the world. From North America and Europe to the Middle East and Africa. Thai Lee’s standout brands include Happy Buddha and Sunlee, which are the number one best-selling 100% jasmine rice brand in the United States.

Rice exporter that continues to grow and develop

With nearly 40 years of experience in the rice industry, Thai Lee has devoted its efforts to producing the best jasmine rice for the past 3 decades. Thai Lee combines the most advanced technology in every step of the manufacturing process. From production to transportation To ensure consistent production and rice export to customers around the world. Meticulous since the process of selecting the best raw materials as well as high-tech production and packaging processes Before delivering premium products to customers, Thai Lee, a distributor of premium grade quality Thai rice

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