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Rice manufacturers ThaiLee Accelerate the Production of Quality Rice to Meet Consumer Demand

Rice manufacturers ThaiLee is a Thai rice manufacturer that produces and exports the highest quality Thai jasmine rice in the world (Thai Hommali). It is well-known among consumers and dealers all over the world. in terms of providing consistently high-quality products and excellent customer service Thailee sells high-quality items under the brands Happy Buddha, Sunlee, SunBird, SunPanda, Lucky Wings, and others.

ThaiLee rice is a premium quality rice producer and exporter.

Thailee has established itself as one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers and exporters of jasmine rice. Thailee produces more than 100,000 metric tons of premium quality rice each year, generating an export value of more than 2 billion baht. by exporting rice to over 40 countries worldwide, ranging from North America and Europe to the Middle East and Africa Sunlee, the number one selling 100% jasmine rice brand in the United States, is the most popular among consumers.

Thailee rice producer chooses premium grade rice.

From the rice selection process to the production process, Thailee Rice Factory is meticulous. Only Thai jasmine rice and high-quality jasmine rice were used. The world’s best rice-growing region Rice samples are sent to the laboratory from every truck that enters the rice plant. To assess purity, moisture, whiteness, and breakage percentage. and cooked texture to ensure the rice meets the specifications To ensure that every bag of rice delivered to customers is clean, of high quality, and free of contaminants.

Procedures and methods for maintaining rice quality

Thailee stores rice in a variety of ways on-site. depending on the rice type Temperature-controlled silos hold premium jasmine rice (Thai Hommali). By maintaining a constant temperature of fewer than 20 degrees Celsius to avoid weight loss and poor quality caused by insects and unbalanced humidity. This temperature control eliminates the need for chemicals to protect the rice while it is being stored. and contributes to the preservation of the rice’s natural aroma, softness, and whiteness

Rice production process

When the rice has met the stringent selection criteria. is ready to begin the manufacturing process with modern technological equipment and innovation The staff is knowledgeable. well educated Paying close attention to and being meticulous in all aspects of the manufacturing process From manufacturing to quality assurance and transportation,

Rice quality inspection process

In the final stage of the manufacturing process, Thailee’s quality control laboratories examine all rice produced for physical examination, chemical testing, cooking, and tasting to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to customers worldwide. Thailee rice products have also received numerous certificates from the Department of Foreign Trade. CODEX, GMP, and HACCP standards, for example.

Rice consumption in the country is expected to rise as the restaurant, hotel, and food manufacturing industries recover. With the country’s opening to tourists, restaurant and hotel businesses can resume normal operations after the pandemic’s outbreak in 2020-2021, and rice prices are expected to fall due to increased production. Thailee, a premium quality rice manufacturer that can receive CODEX, GMP, and HACCP certification, is recommended by the restaurant, hotel, food manufacturing industry, and retailers looking for a source of production and distribution of rice with standard quality and factory price.


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