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Thai Hom Mali Rice Why Won? “The Best Rice in the World”

Thai Hom Mali Rice is 100% long-grain white rice From native rice to the pride of Thai people Thai Hom mali Rice has been a center of international competition many times. It recently won the “World’s Best Rice Award 2021” at the World Rice Conference held in Dubai. It was awarded for the second year in a row from the 2020 Global Awards. That reinforces that Thai rice is high-quality rice. Take home the grand prize 7 times from all 13 World Rice Conference

What is Thai Hom Mali Rice?

Thai Hom Mali Rice is annual rice that can only be grown once a year and has its origins in Thailand. White, lustrous, and long and thin rice grains with a little belly. It has a pandan leaf aroma. distinctive natural scent The rice’s low amylose content (12–18%) is its main selling point. The rice grains are softer than typical non-glutinous rice when cooked or steamed. but less crumbly and smelling good. Both domestically and overseas, it is frequently consumed. And it is a type of rice that has spread awareness of Thai rice throughout the world.


The official name of Thai Hom Mali Rice.

The moniker “Khao Dok Mali” was commonly used by customers and rice traders, but the official name is “Khao Dok Mali 105,” which translates to “White rice type” since the paddy for No. 105 is white or straw-colored and has a jasmine-like perfume.

Why did Thai Hom mali Rice win the award? “The best rice in the world”

Jasmine is well-liked both domestically and globally. Jasmine rice is more popular in Thai families than other types of rice. because the texture has a distinct scent and is soft and delicate when cooked.

Benefits of Thai Hom Mali Rice

Thai jasmine rice contains a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the body, including:

  • Vitamin B1 promotes steady growth and releases energy from carbohydrates.

  • Vitamin B2 and Niacin (Vitamin B3) help the body convert carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy.

  • Vitamin B3 also aids in the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal mucosa and skin.

  • Calcium and phosphorus help to build strong bones and teeth.

  • The importance of energy metabolism and tissue development

  • Iron helps in the formation of red blood cells.”

  • High in carbohydrates Helps the body and brain have energy as well as protein. but very little fat.”

Easy to cook, beautiful seeds to eat.

  1. With at least a few cups of water or until the water is clear, thoroughly wash the rice. However, avoiding washing more than three times will prevent the loss of nutrients.

  2. Thoroughly wash the rice. To allow the rice grains to absorb the water, soak them in cold water for about an hour. The grains of cooked rice are both lovely and appetizing.

  3. Before turning on the rice cooker Add a pinch of salt. Because of this, the rice will soften. savor your food.

  4. You can put your hand in the pot to raise the water level to one wrist, or you can use the ratio of 1 part rice to 1.2 parts water.

  5. To avoid the rice’s adhesion to the pot To allow the steam to reach the bottom of the pot, remove it at least 15 minutes after the alarm goes off.

Where can I buy good quality Thai Hom Mali Rice?

Thai Lee Agriculture Rice exporter Thailand sells quality Thai Hom mali Rice, selected from the highest quality raw materials from mills all over Thailand. to create and deliver the best products to consumers Produced under the Buddha and Sunlee brand names, the rice is harvested once a year between October and December and stored in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure the same high quality throughout the year. Buy good varieties of Thai rice, high quality, clean, safe, fresh, cheap, must buy from Thai Lee Agriculture

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