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Thai Hom Mali rice with 3 tips on how to choose rice for fragrant, beautiful rice in the pot.

Thai Hom Mali rice is a bowl of well-known Thai rice that is well known across the globe. It is one of the most popular kinds of rice among Thais. Have you ever wondered why, when I purchase Thai Hom Mali rice, I also notice a sign that reads “Thai Hom Mali rice“? However, different cooking times are required. How should Thai Hom Mali rice be selected? Even if the rice is excellent, it will be aromatic and attractive. Today, we have a remedy for you.

3 tips for purchasing Thai Hom Mali rice and instructions for cooking fragrant and attractive rice in a pot.

  1. Choose from the rice’s characteristics and packaging. Choose rice grains with uniformity in length, crystal clear grains, and no clumps. Are small and large the same or different? If it’s a bag of rice, it should be clear, white, and clean, with no foreign matter like sand or insects, and no musty, rancid odor. Choose a sealed, undamaged bag.

  2. Choose Thai Hom Mali rice based on its age. Many people have most likely wondered why they purchase the same brand of rice. But why isn’t the cooking time consistent? This could be because different ages of rice require additional cooking times. It is highly recommended to follow the cooking instructions on the packaging for the best taste of your rice.

  3. Buy Thai Hom Mali rice from Thailand’s leading rice exportersIf you’re looking for premium quality Thai Hom Mali rice, look no further than the best source of raw materials, Sunlee brand guarantees the best quality Thai Home rice in every bag to maximize the satisfaction of lovers of Thai Home Mali rice.


Thai Lee Agriculture Company is located in Chachoengsao, Thailand, 35 kilometers east of Bangkok. Our 12-acre production and logistics facilities, in addition to being easily accessible from Bangkok’s international airports, benefit from proximity to Thailand’s major seaports, ensuring we can guarantee fast and prompt shipments to our customers in 40 countries around the world.


Thai Lee is dedicated and precise throughout the whole manufacturing process. Accelerate the growth of production to meet the rising consumer demand, which has risen from 10.9 million tonnes in 2021 (2020/2021) to 11.0-11.5 million tonnes in 2024 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the food business, restaurants, hotels, and food production sectors revived as a consequence of the -19 unfolding and opening the nation to more visitors. Plus, the price of rice has plummeted. Due to the growth in rice production, the demand for rice as a food processing raw material has grown.


Sunlee Budha Brand Thai Hom Mali Rice.

We promise the highest quality in each and every bag that we ship around the globe. We choose the finest raw materials from Thailand’s finest agricultural regions. Since 1982, we have closely regulated the manufacturing process and distributed identical products.

Sunlee Budha Brand Thai Hom Mali Rice.

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