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Thailand Rice Exporter Has Been Named the World’s Leading Rice Exporter

Thailand rice exporter, After Vietnam and India, China is the world’s third-largest rice exporter. Thai rice exports were 6.12 million tons in 2021, worth 107,756 million baht, and in the first three months of 2022 (January-March), Thai rice exports increased by 48.5 percent, the highest in five years. because of the weakened baht Furthermore, consumer demand has increased since the epidemic situation has subsided. Thailand will overtake second place in the world, according to Customs Department data. According to the report, rice exports increased by 48.5 percent in the first quarter, reaching 1,743,280 tons worth 29,468.2 million baht (903.3 million US dollars).

Thailand rice exports are expected to increase in the second half of the year.

Thailand aspires to overtake Vietnam as the world’s second-largest economy. It is expected to export rice for the rest of the month, an average of 700,000 tons, and to meet a target of 7 million tons for the year. Rice exports are expected to be around 700,000 tons in April. Rice imports will continue to be in demand due to major markets in the Middle East such as Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, Asian markets such as China, Japan, and the Philippines, African markets such as South Africa, Angola, and Mozambique, and American markets such as the United States and Canada. ensuring a continuous supply for domestic consumption during the period of global economic recovery. As many countries’ purchasing power increased, the baht’s depreciation caused the price of Thai rice to fall to a level where it could compete with other competitors. And the Thai Rice Exporters Association will adjust the rice export target again in the middle, perhaps to 7.5-8 million tons, allowing Thailand to overtake Vietnam as the world’s second-largest rice exporter.

What is the overall direction of the rice industry in 2022-2024?

  • Rice yields from farmers are expected to rise. from the climate situation and the increased water level in the dam, as well as government agricultural support measures

  • The revenue of the bagged rice business is expected to rise gradually. from consumer demand in the household sector, restaurant business, and tourism business that will improve once the pandemic has passed

  • Thai rice exporters’ export volume is expected to rise further. Rice prices have a tendency to fall, allowing it to compete better with trading partner countries, and demand for rice from abroad will gradually recover. It is a factor that contributes to the entrepreneur’s income increasing.

Thailand rice exporters recommended

ThaiLee, a Thai rice exporter, has established itself as one of the world’s leading rice exporters (Thai Hom Mali), with an annual export value of more than 2 billion baht. Thai Lee exports more than 100,000 tons of jasmine rice to over 40 countries worldwide. From the United States and Europe to the Middle East and Africa. Thai Lee’s well-known brands include Happy Buddha and Sunlee, the top-selling 100 percent jasmine rice brands in the United States.

ThaiLee Thailand is Thailand’s leading rice exporter.

Thai Lee has devoted nearly 40 years of its rice industry experience to produce the best jasmine rice for the past three decades. Thai Lee employs cutting-edge technology at every stage of the manufacturing process. From manufacturing to transportation To ensure that Thailand rice exporter and production deliver quality rice, clean, fresh, and shiny white grain. Customers all over the world receive nutritious foods on a regular basis. Meticulous since the selection of the best raw materials, as well as high-tech manufacturing and packaging processes. Thai Lee, a distributor of premium grade quality Thai rice, consults with customers before delivering premium products.

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